Interchangeable Adaptor System, Patented

MANCKE Interchangeable Adaptor System for Piccolos, Patented

Since the 1960s when Albert Cooper first started making custom flute headjoints, flutists have had an increasing array of headjoint choices available. The universal technical aspect that makes this possible is that flute bodies are made to accept a headjoint of specific length and diameter that is, for the most part, interchangeable between flute brands. However, this standardization does not exist with piccolos.

Until recently, piccolo players have had far fewer options, limited in large part to the headjoints produced by each maker for their own piccolos.  Piccolos differ significantly in both tenon/bore size and outer circumference, making it impossible to fit the same headjoint to piccolo bodies of different makers. That is, until the invention of the revolutionary MANCKE Interchangeable Adaptor System.

The patented MANCKE Interchangeable Adaptor System allows for our headjoints to fit to any piccolo brand and model. Using an adaptor sleeve with a screw-in tenon, we have created a sizing guide to perfectly fit your specific piccolo. The interchangeable screw-in tenon is made in different sizes to perfectly fit inside the piccolo, while the adaptor sleeve comes in different sizes to fit properly on the outside of the piccolo. This system allows the player to try all of our headjoint possibilities on any piccolo.

We offer two adapter sleeve options, each with unique qualities and nuance in sound.

Wood and Heavy Adaptor

The wood adapter matches the response of the wood from piccolo headjoint to the body. The wood adaptor produces a very natural and seamless experience, allowing the warmth and complexity of the wood to be fully expressed.

The metal adaptor has a more direct feel, transferring vibration from the head to the body with great integrity. With the right pairing, this can contribute to greater projection and more precise articulation, throughout the range of the piccolo. This added projection may be particularly beneficial for some of the lighter woods to help the sound speak with even more resonance and clarity.

14K Gold Tenon

The 14K gold tenon enhances the tone quality adding an additional level of resistance, vibrating qualities and warmth to the sound.